[Youth] Seed Starter Workshop

Tuesday 16 April 2024

On Friday, April 12, 2024, the Winston County Self Help Youth Group hosted a vegetable seed starter workshop at the Winston County Extension Office in Louisville, MS. Winston County’s Master Gardener, Jean Adcock, presented. She engaged with twelve vibrant students and five adults. Jean Adcock’s presentation mainly focused on how to grow healthy plants. The process unfolded with students constructing a seed starter greenhouse kit. This kit included watering trays, a clear humidity dome, and 72 peat pellets. Attendees gained hands-on training under Jean’s watchful guidance. Students received an allotment of tomato, squash, and cucumber seeds to place in pellets. After this methodical process, they lightly covered the seeds with soil. Jean Adcock instructed students to place trays in a warm, sunny area to propel growth. Jean Harper, the Youth Director, asked students to maintain a daily log. “This will help you understand photosynthesis, which is the growing process. They can catalog seed growth into different intervals. Harper reiterated the youth group’s mission to spark and generate interest in agriculture practices and ag careers. Today, the venue offered Master Gardener Jean Adcock an opportunity to share her expertise. This training will provide participants with direct access to locally grown and healthy vegetables. We believe this will produce healthy families and build resilient communities in Winston County.”

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