Tea Cake Workshop

Friday 21 June 2024

By: Jonathan Evans  

On June 6th, 2024, Ms. Pamela Obryant from the Winston County Self-Help Cooperative provided a delightful culinary lesson to the children of the J.L. King Center Summer Feeding Program. She taught them how to make tea cakes, a staple of the deep South, enjoyed for many generations. The children eagerly participated in the baking process, their hands dusted with flour as they mixed the ingredients and shaped the dough. The experience was as educational as it was fun. When the tea cakes were finally ready, their eyes lit up with excitement. As they tasted the cookies, they made it clear that they wanted more. They expressed their gratitude towards Ms. Obryant for sharing the recipe and the great experience. This event was more than just a baking lesson; it was an opportunity for the children to learn new skills and enjoy the simple pleasures of creating something from scratch. Ms. Obryant’s visit was a highlight of the summer program, leaving a lasting impression on the youth, who eagerly look forward to more such enriching experiences. Their enthusiasm for future events is a testament to the success of this workshop and a promising sign of the potential of future workshops.   

Make sure to check out the photos for this event.

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