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BCLORP Program

WCSHC created a national recognition program to honor and celebrate the families who have passed down their legacy for 100 years. It's also a program designed to encourage black landowners to remain landowners and to encourage black non-landowners to become landowners. We are energetically recruiting for this program.

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Heir's Property (Sustainable Forestry & African American Land Retention Network)

Over the last century, African American land loss has plummeted from 16 million to 4.7 million acres due to Heirs' property (NAL, USDA). WCSHC consistently works to resolve heir's property issues. We are an integral part of a network with a mission to "significantly increase the value of African American-owned forests, land retention, and asset development for Black families in the U.S. South."

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Delinquent Property Tax Program

WCSHC helps prevent further land loss in three ways: (1) by encouraging landowners to pay their property taxes on time; (2) by educating them on the importance of paying and how to pay; (3) and contacting landowners who are at risk of losing their land due to the failure to pay taxes between one three years of a missed payment.

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Pass-on Program

WCSHC provides ranchers with quality heifers to start or strengthen their cattle operations. Since the program's inception in 2001, over 200 ranchers have received quality heifers through our "passing on the gift" practice.

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Beginning Farmer Rancher Development Program

WCSHC continues to lead in providing participating farmers and ranchers with resources, innovative solutions, and hands-on training. In collaboration with our partners, producers earn more in their business, and landowners gain the necessary tools and support to start their operations.

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Leafy Green Project

WCSHC is combating food insecurity in Louisville, MS, and surrounding areas through our Leafy Green Project. We grow produce and allocate to community members in need.

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Food Preservation

By teaching individuals the methods of canning and preserving their locally grown vegetables and fruits, WCSHC aims to preserve and disseminate this formidable practice from our ancestors. We also teach producers these methods to add value to their farm operations.

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Technical Assistance

Apply to USDA cost-sharing programs, such as EQIP, CSP, to enhance your operation.

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Market Products

Market products to increase sales and visibility.

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