The Impact of Gardening: Home Garden Update

Monday 03 June 2024

Mississippi is noted for being last in most health, housing, education, and jobs categories. We can create positive change in the above categories with a grassroots approach. The first step starts with you, the individual. Your life is composed of what you hear, see, and consume. You must be determined to eliminate unnecessary conversations to heal your mind, allowing your soul to grow into a fountain of opportunities. Then, you will embrace life differently. You will find the keys to unlock closed doors and see a pathway to healing your family and community. 
Dorothy Hardin-Steele’s initiative to cultivate change through the daily consumption of locally grown vegetables is a shining example of how individual actions can significantly impact the community. In early May, Dorothy received starter plants from the Winston County Self Help Cooperative and has since been using her yard and containers to grow peppers, tomatoes, and other vegetables. We commend Dorothy for her efforts and believe that her actions and those of others will play a crucial role in eliminating food insecurity in Louisville, MS. Stay tuned for updates on this inspiring journey. 

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