Introducing: Beef Cattle Herd Initiative 

Thursday 04 April 2024

By: Jonathan Evans

Winston Country Self Help Cooperative and Merck Animal Health organized the Beef Cattle Herd Initiative on January 6, 2024, to mark the beginning of the new year. We were privileged to host a panel of highly experienced individuals: Michael Trusclair, Walter Jackson, Dr. John Hutchinson, and Dr. Harold Newcomb. Their wealth of knowledge was instrumental in discussing the significance of herd health, effective deworming techniques, and other factors influencing herd health, such as diet and rotation.

The herd’s health is one of the most important things to a cattle farmer. If a herd isn’t healthy, the farmer isn’t getting a good return on their investment. The majority of a cattle farmer’s revenue comes from selling cattle. After noticing the cattle aren’t looking good, the farmer should perform an eye test and ask questions such as, what is wrong with my cattle? Why are my cattle not looking good? They then should look at the cattle’s diet, and if that checks out, the next step is to get them tested for parasites. Through fecal samples, we determine what parasites the cattle have and how to treat them. One can have good cattle, but their price will decline if the herd has parasites.

The information covered in this initiative benefited the attendees, and our goal is to provide it to even more cattle farmers throughout rural America. Most need help acquiring the proper resources to sustain themselves. Winston County Self Help Cooperative is responsible for bridging the gap and providing people with every resource they need.

We want to thank Mr. McReynolds for his work on this Beef Cattle Herd Initiative and everyone who spoke at this event. Through outreach, WCSHC is ensuring no one is left behind.

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