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Black Century Landowners’ Recognition Program

Celebrating 100 Years or more of Black Families Landownership today, because each time we lose black landownership we lose a piece of our ancestral legacy.

Mission Statement


The Winston County Self Help Cooperative (WCSHC), acknowledges that many Black Americans historically own land and have passed their land down for generations. Over the course of thirty-three years, cooperatively, we have honored and celebrated these families locally. Today, our goal, to build an expansive database recognizing black century landowners across our nation.


Our recognition program will achieve this vision by collecting data that credential individuals/families to be century landowners. Upon validation, through our website, we will honor and celebrate these families who have passed down their legacy for generations by featuring their family’s historical landownership story and displaying pictures of the property over the years.


The Black Century Landowners’ Recognition Program (BCLORP) is a national recognition program that is designed to honor and celebrate the families who have passed down their legacy for generations. The BCLORP is not only a recognition program but also a program designed to encourage black landowners to remain landowners and to encourage black non landowners to become landowners.


Landowner’s story featured in the WCSHC newspaper and on the Facebook page

Landowners pictures featured in picture gallery, Addition to the WCSHC Save Rural America Registry and Included in WCSHC’s Marketing directory.

Will market/advertise products produced from the land and Technical assistance in maintaining families’ legacy

Dedicated to serving our Black Century Land Owners and assisting in every facet of land ownership.

T’arie (T) Todman Community Outreach Specialist


BCLORP is a recognition program spearheaded by the Winston County Self Help Cooperative. For the past thirty-three years, the cooperative has rendered technical services to landowners across the nation. We have assisted in every aspect of landownership. Educating landowners on maintaining their legacy (land) through managing their natural resources so their future generations may continue its legacy.

Living up to our mantra, “Help Save Rural America,” our goal is to continue to be a gatekeeper for landowners and their future generations.

Over the years of working with our clients, we have engaged individuals who have a deep history of land ownership that dates back to 100 plus years. Indeed, the ancestral history of black Americans becoming landowners consists of grueling details and as a cooperative, we understand the adversities and atrocities that our ancestors faced to become landowners. Furthermore, we know why so many previous black American landowners lost their possessions during Jim Crow and the great migration to the North. These stories provide strength and commitment to the present generation to maintain the land.

Therefore, the Winston County Self Help Cooperative is pleased to announce our new recognition program designed to celebrate century old landowners who endured the odds and maintain ownership for 100 or more years.