WCSHC Leadership Development:
WCSHC formulated a leadership development component with assistance from Alcorn State University’s Community Voices Program. Goals…develop 15 community leaders. WCSHC’s Community Voices Leadership Team held a countywide strategic planning session with 40 participants. Co-op member graduated from Southern University Ag-Center’s Small Farmers Agriculture Leadership Institute.

WCSHC Collaboration:
WCSHC collaborated with Mississippi State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine to provide health care for pass on animals and facilitating continuing education classes. Thirteen members received cost share assistance through Natural Resource Conservation Service’ Small Farmers Initiative for fertilization, re-forestation, alternative water sources, pest control, cross fence and other services.

WCSHC’s Business Meetings:
The co-op conducted fifteen official business meetings in 2008 with average attendant of 31 members. The co-op meets on first Monday 3:50pm at Winston County Extension Office in Louisville, Ms. “Meeting start promptly 3:50pm”

WCSHC’s Saving Rural America Conference:
First Saving Rural America Conference-350 participants-January 4 & 5, 2008-louisville, MS.

WCSHC‘s Heifer Project:
WCSHC “passed on” 16 bred heifers on March 4, to four families. Members sold more than 100 heifers & bull calves in 2008.

WCSHC’s Out-Reach Meetings:
The co-op sponsored 12 out-reach meetings to connect members with service providers and gain hands on experiences to minimize input costs and increase profit margins. Average attendant 40.

WCSHC’s Field Days:
The co-op sponsored three field days activities which included spring and fall’s cattle field days. Forestry field day. Average attendant 50.

WCSHC’s Computer Classes:
WCSHC sponsored 17 two hours computer training classes-assisted 25 individuals in the past two years

WCSHC’s Home-Buyers Education Workshops:
Co-op sponsored several home-buyers’ education workshops with emphasis on helping families save their homes from foreclosure.

WCSHC’s Fire Safety Workshops:
Mississippi leads the nation in home fire fatalities. WCSHC sponsored three fire safety workshops and donated smokedetectors to needy homes…WCSHC “Saving Lives in Rural America.”

WCSHC’s Vegetable Program:
Co-op members increased vegetable sales in 2008 by 30 percent. Weather conditions, input cost and the economy enhanced opportunities for members to sale locally.

WCSHC’s Economic Development:
Several members opened small family businesses and other members are in the developmental stages.

WCSHC’s Financial Literacy Workshops:
Co-op sponsored two financial literacy workshops under the auspices of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Personnel. Twenty-one adults and thirty-six youth completed F.D.I.C’s Money Smart Curriculum.

WCSHC’s Website:
The cooperative launched in May 2008.

WCSHC‘s Greensboro Echo Newsletter:
WCSHC published 15 newsletters and “The Greensboro Echo Newsletter” will celebrate a milestone in 2009 by publishing their 100 edition.

WCSHC Continuing Education:
WCSHC sponsored 21 computer-training sessions…benefited several individuals with job promotions…connected members with current commodity prices and USDA’s Programs.