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We help small farmers to purchase and sell in bulk with a goal of creating sustainability in rural communities by connecting with USDA and other organizations to provide services in a timely manner.

About the Winston County Self Help Cooperative

Founded in 1985, the Winston County Self Help Cooperative (WCSHC) is a farmer-owned and operated cooperative and  501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides a variety of services and resources to small farmers in East Central, Mississippi and beyond. We are an outreach and technical service provider team.

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WCSHC’s Founding Members

The WCSHC offers a variety of programs and services to its members and participants, including

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Begin your Agriculture or Forestry enterprise with expert guidance

Assistant with applying for USDA financial assistance to implement conservation practices

Market products to increase sales and visibility

Learn best agricultural practices to increase production and income

The WCSHC is a valuable asset to the Winston County community. The cooperative is committed to helping small farmers succeed and to supporting the rural community.

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Partners Role

Heifer International provides co-op members with animals and funds to diversify farm operations. Alcorn State University’s Extension Program assists in developing community leaders. Co-op members participate in the Natural Resource Conservation Service’s Cost Share Programs, such as Environmental Quality Incentive Program and Small Farmers’ Initiative. Members enroll in special disaster declarations through Farm Service Agency for feed and livestock compensation. Mississippi Forestry Commission allocates cost share funds for reforestation practices and forest management plans. Mississippi State University’s Extension Program and College of Veterinary Medicine dispenses assistance with animals’ health and facilitate field day events. The Mississippi Association and Federation of Southern Cooperatives generate guidance with strategic planning and motivate members to managing their natural resources. Southern Echo Incorporation provides technical assistance with developing policies to ensure a quality environment with access to safe drinking water and clean air.

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